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Everybody has a story and it is often through an unexpected medium like fabric that you can bring it to life.

It could be a personal story, a family story or a community story, but weave is the storyteller told through colour, texture and pattern. Weaving metaphors are embedded into our language, “tie loose ends...”, “follow the thread...” reflecting the impact of weaving on everyday life as we interweave our identities or sense of place into cloth. The very word ‘textile’ originates from the Latin, ‘text’ to weave. So what better way to embody stories than through woven art, original and personal.

I love the dialogue between artist and client; it throws up so many new ideas, often unexpected and often taking work in new directions. People commission art from me for lots of different reasons: special moments, new homes, community projects or simply because they enjoy my aesthetic. What can be said for all is that they are passionate about craft and understand the value of making through collaboration. My role is to give voice to ideas, build on your stories and interpret onto woven cloth. This can be through individual or public commissions, for example ‘Manamou’ with Citizens of the World Choir incorporated special tokens or memories that were woven into the body of the piece to create a visual narrative. My work with clients range from large scale pieces for interior designers; Jamdani window panels for private homes; public engagement art with refugee groups; weaving workshops with Liberty’s, Milton Keynes Arts Centre and The Rothschild Foundation, London University and a blanket collection for an iconic department store.

My commissioned work is truly a collaboration; a response to the context, environment and personality of the group or individual who commissions. My practice reflects the multi-layered community we live in taken from my own perspective as an immigrant in Britain exploring contradictions that enable the unexpected to flourish and create something beautiful but challenging. If you’re interested contact me on and we can start a conversation.


The first step is to phone or e-mail me with your proposal and an idea of your budget. We can arrange a visit to my studio and / or location of the work proposed. We can discuss your budget at this stage - my prices start at £580 for a small piece up to £2000 for the larger panels.


When you have agreed the design from the examples available, a contract outlining the agreed brief, payment and timescale will be drawn up. A 50% deposit confirms the order.

Making and Delivery

I will keep you updated throughout the process and you are welcome to visit the studio to see the weave in progress. When the artwork is complete and you are happy with your commission the final 50% payment will be invoiced to you before delivery.